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Iroquois Shorline Woods Park

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Overall it is a decent trail if you live in the area. It is not a trail that is worthy of your gas. I found this trail hard to navigate through and generally found myself getting lost. Certain spots of the trail were great. A few climbs, a few descents, and one technical aspect that I found which consisted of stairs going down a hill. Other than that it''s decent if you want to get in a little bit of riding time for a lesiurely ride. Don''t expect too much its mainly flat, but with climbs and descents oddly placed around the trail
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Trail Directions
Go east on Upper Middle all the way down to North Service Road. At those lights you make a right onto North Service Road. For a landmark there is a massive hill where offroading takes place as well as a driving range. Continue down North Service Road until you see a very small parking lot, just passed the driving range and appears on your right. Take your car in there and it is the parking for the trail.
Trail Length
10 Kilometers
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Trails for all skill levels
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