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Henley Island Trails

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The trails are EXTREMELY short but are very difficult. I wouldn't suggest coming here unless you live max. 20 minutes away. There are many pro level downhill sections and i am in the middle of making some big air jumps. If freeriding or dirtjumping is your thing and you live about ten minutes away i suggest you come here. If you have trouble finding the trails i am in the middle of building some trail markers. Remember, these trails are very, very, very short.
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Trail Directions
Turn off Main Street on Henley Island Blv., staight up the hill to you reach the rowing clubhouse. Go threw the poles into the grassy field. Along the edge going down to the water you will find many sweet downhills.
Trail Length
.3 km
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
St. Catharines
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