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Guelph - Millbank Rail Trail (Kissing Bridge Trailway)

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You can bike either towards Guelph or Millbank on the old rail bed. The ride towards Guelph takes you through West Montrose and across the "Kissing Bridge". Only problem with this trail towards Guelph is that the old Rail bridges have been demolished and there are a couple of long detours to get around these. Not very technical stuff here, but not your typical rail trail ride either! The plotted location is Kissing Bridge, the only covered bridge (public highway) remaining in Ontario. If riding towards Guelph, 1.1 km after you cross Township Road 62 you reach the Conestoga River and have to turn back. From the the trail intersection with Middlebrook Rd (Township Rd 62), go south 900m on T.R. 62, which becomes Covered Bridge Drive at R.R. 86. At the intersection with Hill St. in West Montrose, turn left and proceed downhill about 100m to Kissing Bridge.
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Trail Directions
Take Highway #86 (Expressway) from Kitchener - Waterloo north towards Elmira. Take straight into Elmira (Arthur Street S.) when #86 turns left just outside town. Follow through downtown. Once you pass downtown, you will cross Regional Road #86. The trail crosses Arthur St. N. 460m beyond RR #86. Park on the lefthand side in the Woolwich Observer parking lot.
Trail Length
30 kms
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Guelph or Elmira/Waterloo Region
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