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Dryden track and Sudden track

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Mostly sigletrack and a few jumps. You can bike to the Sudden track from Dryden or vise vesa. its only about 3kms. But! don't go to the Sudden track in the summer or you'll be eaten alive by Skeeters and Horse flys.
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Trail Directions
Go out St. Andrew's street and it turns into some highway....I think its hwy 24...anyway, its about 4-6 kms out of town on the left. Its a agreement forest. (sudden) The second one (dryden) On the way out of Cambridge (the same way as before) You turn right onto Alps rd. about 2 kms out of town. Go down Alps rd. and about 3-4 kms down there, its on you left as the rode enters a bush at the top of a small hill. Both these roads are paved. this is also an agrement forest.
Trail Length
Uh.........1-1.5 in the Sudden and about 1-2.5 in Dryden
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
August 5, 2000

Overall Rating
 2 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Roger Snogger , from Kitchener

Well, I've already written an extensive amount of blather on the Dryden Tract, lovely place that it is, but I've never been intrigued by the Sudden Tract (down Alps and turn right)as it is rather flat, short and featureless. Alright, so there has been some work done to improve the situation out at Sudden, but frankly I cannot envision any of the really intense guys and gals trooping all the way out there to trundle around on some wooded doubletrack and a few meager sections of bland singletrack. Stay in the Dryden Tract if you're going out that way, unless you want to take the kiddies to see the wildlife at Sudden. Mosquitoes are enormous and voracious, yes, and also out at Dryden, forgot to mention that in my review. Heck, I was in there for five minutes without my bug spray before they drove me nuts last week and I had to flee back to the car with no less than ten bites! Good grief! Heavens! I'm rambling. Must be the cognac. Anyway, mountain biking is much better in the Dryden Tract than the Sudden Tract, much, much, much better. Infintely better. Although both lots are suitable for skiing in the winter if you like, however only the Dryden Tract will allow you to break anything as a momento of your travels. Note that when I rate these trails, I'm really rating only the Sudden Tract, I've rated Dryden at four nobbies, I believe, but only two for its flat chested companion.

Recommended Route:
Make your own way in the world, don't give in to the staid ideas of old farts such as myself...

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Dryden Tract, Homer Watson, Chicopee, Junior Stunt Man Stuff in Waterloo, in short; the usual suspects.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)