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Conostogo lake

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Well, its no North Shore or Moab but there are a few trials around and its kind'a fun to launch it off of a few jumps around the park. There is one trail though that goes for quite a while, my buddie and I rode for 2 1/2 hours and didn't get to the end. Its a little overgrown now. its all single track....sorry DHrs but were working on a trail.
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Hwy. 86 north out of town(waterloo) after about 25kms you'll come to a little town called "Dorking"....gay eh?....anyway follow the signs or turn left onto county 116...I think and follow the blue signs. The second trail. Go past Dorking and the next sideroad turn LEFT at the Club 86 place and go through the stop sign and down the steep hill and trun LEFT and its at the very end of the cottage road. by the way the cottage road is one lane and there are cottages on you left and the lake is only about 4 hundred feet to your left. At the turnaround there is the trailhead.
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no clue.
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December 6, 2001

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 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Bryan , from Sarnia

Easy trails that anyone can ride. Take a day to explore the area. Be prepared for a combination of single track and cottage road riding. The single track is pretty easy, but it is mileage. Best hills are found in the lower park.

Recommended Route:
From Dorking head north. Take first right then first left. There are two halves of this park. You have to pay a small fee at the upper park main gate to enter (which is on the left). The lower park entrance is directly across from the main gate. There are a few short single track loops in the lower park (~8km) (take the bridge across the river). For a longer ride you need to follow the snowmobile trail out of the park heading west. Go to the main beach and follow the trail to the left (while facing water). You will follow some single track. If you continue along the lake you will find a trail that continues further west (starts at a dumpster). It takes you out of the park to a cottage road which passes by the sailing club. Continue on the cottage road keeping a look out for a trail on the left (hard to describe without being there). There are a bunch of trails that connect between the cottage roads. The trails between the cottage roads are pretty long.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)