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This was a simple singletrack that winds through the woods with some drops but now we are adding a freeastyle/tecinal park that has 1 run almost done and adding 10-15 more it starts out with a 65 foot bridge with some 1.5 inch skinney''s then move to a 10 foot almost vertical roll down to a 3 and a half foot drop or u could go on the 12 foot sky bridge with a roll down to a drop then move to a rock with a drop or roll down or do a log ride to a bridge to log ride to another 7 foot roll down not as steep back to the singletrack where u can ride out or go do another line. this is from beginner to advanced
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When u come to sackville come towards Kent and keep going past Kent (away from sackville) about 10 kilometres turn onto the first road past hadads grocery convience store called Lakeview ave.(on the right) go to the second dirt road on the left called ANDREA LORI go all the way to the top and park by the four wheeler trail (u can bike here from sackville in about 45min) follow the main trail past the houses go past the road that u will see follow the trail past the big mud hole u can get by easily go for about 45 seconds and will see a beat down path on the left that is not a four wheeler path there will be a sign that says M-1 right around the corner it's not at the beginning so that four wheelers don't find it when u get to the end cross the 1 foot stream and go down the unused four wheeler trail to the used four wheeler trail turn right and go back to the top. IT'S WORTH THE TRIP THE FREERIDE PARK WILL BE COMPLEAT BY SEPTEMBER.
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5 Miles
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nova scotia
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