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Quakers peak

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Pretty nice trail started but ain''t quite finished i plan on having some pretty sweet urban riding in it....hopefully lots of high dops trannys and maybe a couple step ups.....so far the trail isn''t very long a couple of intermidiate drops and jumps ...pretty fun place , but needs alot of work yet....trail is fun and easy to ride....not much of a challenge but will hopefully be fun to ride when finished.
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Take the trans canada from antigonish towards cape breaton....take the turn off on the left hand side of the road that sais south side harbour ......falow the road for about 3 miles ....you will come to a bridge and its the first turnoff after the brige.....its a dirt road called the cove road .....follow that till you go past the ball field ...dirve anothewr minute or two and you will see the trails on the left hand side of the road on the right hand side there is a huge cow pasture.....the trails are all throughg there.......if ya need some help finding it or want someone to help ya arround the trails call 386-2025 and ask for evan or go to thge blue house right past the ball field ...its the only blue house on the road...i can help ya arround.....i know a couple other fun places to ride.... some places are pretty extreme ....stop in or give me a call any time next spring
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not very long Kilometers
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Nova scotia
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