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Marsh's Madness

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As soon as you enter the trail prepare for a huge descent down the mountain through the woods. Cross the bridge at the bottom and follow the trail onto the end of the Thompson Road. Travel halfway up the first hil on the Thompson road and pick up the trail again to your right through the woods. Go straight until you come to a field and follow the sign to the small bridge. Keep following the trail until you intersect with the Waterville Montain Road and cross again. The trail will intersect with two more roads and finally end up on a driveway. Turn left and then a quick right and another left towards the yellow gate. Follow trail through woods taking every right turn. Careful here-- a tricky bridge over a small bog with lots of single track roots and rocks. When you exit this woods you will be following a long dirt road beside a grain field. Keep going across the next road and follow the gravel road past a few chicken barns. This will turn into another woods trail. After this trail exits the woods hang a right and follow it out to a huge farm and warehouse. Just past the woodlot the trail continues into the woods again. Followthis until you come out on the #1 Highway by the Coldbrook Centre and Royal Bank. Pick up the old railroad trail behind the Coldbrook Centre and follow this until you get to a Town of Kentville Welcome sign. About another 300 meters there is a dirt road to the right. Take that and hang a quick left back onto the trail through the woods. This comes out at the waterstation. Follow the road back to the #1 and head into the Kentville Industrial Park. Take your firt left and then a right past ACA Chicken Plant. Hang a left at the top of the hill and then a right under a gate and up a long dirt road hill. Cross the 101 Highway and take the trail through the powerlines. Huge downhills and climbs! If you keep going straight and then through a large orchard you will eventually end up on the English Mountain Road. Hang a left up the mountain and then take a right onto Prospect Road. Follow this all the way back to your car. Have fun!
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Trail Directions
Take Highway 101 from Halifax or Yarmouth/Digby area. Take exit #14 COLDBROOK CAMBRIDGE WATERVILLE and drive to Waterville. Turn left after the exit and drive approximately 8 kiliometers to Waterville. Go past the Firestation (right) and the Thompson road (left). Turn left onto the Bond Road and follow to the dirt road at the top (Prospect Road). Park your car on the shoulder and get on your bike. Turn left from Bond onto Prospect and buke about 3/4 of a kilometer up a few short hills. When you see a group of trees between two fields on your left at the top of the hill you have found the trailhead. Large boulders blocking entrance from ATVs.
Trail Length
35-50 Kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
September 9, 2000

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Once a year

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Reviewed by: Jason Taylor , from Barrie, Ontario

This is one of the best trails I have ever riden in Nova Scotia. There's something for everyone here! The best part is the first kilometer and a half. Straight down hill at approximetely 50 degrees through a narrow woods trail.

Recommended Route:
Go to the top of Bond Road in Waterville and hang a left onto Prospect. Its about a kilometer up the hill on the left. You'll see huge rocks at the trail head to block ATVs.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
If you continue down Prospect and turn right at the yeild sign there is a dead end road about a kilometer on the right. Go past the end into the trail and then make a left at the snowmobile signs up a steep hill. This will take you all the way to Ayleford Lake! A nice road ride on the way back through Morristown.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)