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greystone trail

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this isnt a bad trail has a bit of everything smooth rocky trail and some rooty parts has 2 trails both lead in a loop system and go to the golf coarse and a bit further there is water spots and atv's do run on the trail but not alot im surprised to see that this has never been posted before as a bike trail.its nothing fancy but it is a trail and its not bad once ya get going if ya look on this map you will see where trail starts and where it goes there is a trail that goes to harrietsfield but i cant remember where its at lol.ya would be better to park at the lake parking lot rather then the school on greystone where the arrow is thats 1 trail other is down towards the lake just before ya turn look to the left and ya will see the other trail or if ya going threw from the kidston's lake parking then it be on the right side of trail this trail is rougher then the other the other is up by the field and is mostly granit rock until ya get in the woods then it gets rooty but this is only a couple trails i been driving for few years
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loop probly about 5
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