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Cape Smokey - Ingonish Bay Trail

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This is an unmarked but maintianed trail that runs all the way along the mountains tot he endge of Ingonish bay. You will be standing directly accross from the Keltic Lodge, but you won't be able to go down to the beach since you are 100ft. up on a cliff. It's a good 4 hours round trip ride, very challenging, the steep drops only come in two forms, root covered or loose rock covered, very hazardous when wet.
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Trail Directions
Go to the top of Cape Smokey on the Cabot Trail, south of Ingonish. On top of the mountain is a picnic area and look off. The trail starts on the left side of the parking lot next to the out house :)
Trail Length
25 km
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Review Date
September 3, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: ariana , from seattle wa

This trail is marked as a hiking trail on the map posted at the start of the trail. It IS a hiking trail, and it is NOT maintained, hence three stars. The rock is very loose, the trail rutted out, and in some places you can't even see it the alder has grown over so much. I must have ran over a hundred baby trees. You just have to trust it's there underneath it all. I'm an expert rider on the west coast, but this trail was nearly impossible. I walked half of it, and near the end gave up because the trail marched through a field of rocks; you had enough room to get the wheel through them but not your peddles. On the way back it was amazing -- mostly downhill, some parts were too sketch for me to ride. Super super technical, like hiking trails usually are for bikes. I'd say it's for experts only, don't even try if you've been riding less than too many years to count. Watch out for moose in the wet areas in the gullies; I startled one at ten feet, and was trapped, but he walked away after ten minutes. The view is great throughout, the drive there is great, and the people are wonderful. Nova Scotia rocks!

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Review Date
October 28, 2000

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: Greg Landry , from Sydney River, NS

I've been on this trail once and it is challenging but fun. Not for beginners.

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Also in the Cape Breton Highlands area are Fishing Cove and North River. Fishing cove is the Mecca of mountain biking in Cape Breton. You MUST ride this if you want to someday go to mountain biking heaven. The trail ia a narrow, technical descent from the top of French Mountain to Fishing Cove, an isolated wilderness camping area. You can go in-out in several hours, or plan ahead and stay overnight. It is about 20 minutes from Cheticamp. The North River trail will take you to the highest waterfalls in NS. The ride is similar to Fishing Cove and is also about 3 hours in-out; plan to take longer and enjoy the scenery! There are two river crossings - there may or may not be bridges, depending on what havoc storms have wrought. For MB enthusiasts visiting Cape Breton, these two trails should be considered.

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)