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most scenic tour in the park!! guaranteed wildlife sightings!! 10/10!!
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Trail Directions
turn south on #366, then west on #366 until sign (about 2-4 miles), then south until warden station.
Trail Length
8+ km one way
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
August 17, 2003

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 4 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Dave ,  Cross Country Rider

This is my favorite trail in the park!!
Starting at the sugarloaf warden station the trail goes down into Birdtail valley.
From the bridge about 8km in, you have a wide variety of choices and routes. Taking a ride through the open meadows of the valley in the fall colours is highly recommended. The more open trail crosses the bridge, and follows the valley to Gunn Lake, where there is an excellent campground.
For those who want a real quad pump, take the trail to Tilson Lake.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)