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Old Faloma Fire Road

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This is the MOTHER of fire roads! Its old, and used for quads and other offroaders. Be really carefull cause theres a part of the trail that got washed oyt lat year in the big rains, ride your bike through that though. YOU'LL GET WET!! but its a long ride so bring some snacks, and go with 2 or 3 people so you can make some noise, to scare away any bears! There are 2 parrallel trails that you can see when you go past the swampish area, but rid back on the one you started on, or you'll get in a real jam. This trail is only for HARDCORE offroad riders, you can easily wipe out, pop tires, and have "other" misshaps. Bring tubes and a pump, cause the rocks can pinch your tubes. make sure the shoes you wear have good grip cause the uphills are brutal, and you'll probably walk up a few. This trail is sooo much fun!!! if you turn onto the trail onto the trail on the left, I'm sure you can go into Ontario, although I've never tried that....
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Trail Directions
The trail starts just off the road before Faloma. To get to the road to Faloma, go to the Whiteshell, and turn to go into Falcon lake. Before you go in you can turn on your left to go to West Hawk Lake, turn left. Go down the road for about 5km or so, then take the turn off.. dont worry theres a sign on the side of the road. go down this road for about a km watch on your left, you'll see a big sign and a garbage cage.
Trail Length
about 10- 15 kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads

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Review Date
August 22, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: Shelden Nimchuk , from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

this trail sucks big time!! Anyone who rates it high or says that it is technical does not ride very much. This "trail" is just an old fireroad that follows the Trans-Canada Pipeline. It goes up and down and that is it. The climbs are too steep to usually ride, plus it is a bit grassy and there are lots of loose rocks which makes climbing them damn near impossible. The downhills are alright but again loose rocks and ruts from ATV's don't allow you to really barrel down them unless you have a lot of suspension. Just going up and down does not mean technical in my books. Also, after climbing these hills you are not even rewarded with a view - just a small downhill , then more of the same. On top of it all there are many, many areas that are basically swamps and would be totally unpassable if it were to rain heavily in the area. This is not a fun trail to ride. This is basically a road not a trail, and one that is overgrown with grass and weeds.

Recommended Route:
there is only one

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Review Date
January 18, 1999

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a year

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Reviewed by: Altered Ego , from Winnipeg

This trail is really technical, there is some sand where a road keeps intersectin the trail and it can cause som serious trouble if your not used to not having total controll of your bike at realitively high speeds..... This trail is really fun and very scenic... have fun!

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)