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upper monkeys

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A great intermeidiate trail, might be a little tough for a bigginer, some rock drops and steep rock descents all together a great tail to ride. If its wet you might not want to take this trail, two shieks gets really muddy and heading down steep rocks without brakes can be a little scary.
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Trail Directions
Head up the Forbidden Plateau gravel road for about 15-20 mins. Arround the second REALLY sharp corner theres a small dirt parking area on your left. Head down the double track trail and at the first fork take a left. At the next fork theres a dirt trail on the far left, you might miss it so keep your eyes peeled. You're now on "two sheiks and a dog" A great trail with some small drops. Take the most riden trail down or you might get lost. Then you'll come to a "T" take a left and another left further down to take lower monkey's. HAVE FUN!
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8 miles
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