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Three Lake Ride

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The area is mainly a huge network of trails that take forever to find. If you get really lucky (and have a lot of time) you may chance upon the 3 lakes ride. You have to head up that road and, at the first fork, go left, and at the second right you will get to the first lake, Sawmill. Take the trail on the left and circle to the other side of the lake. Turn onto a super steep, rutted road on your left. After that it is all kind of complicated so don't expect to make it the first time. Oh yes, there is a small lake beetween the first and second lake, IT DOESN'T COUNT (unless you're real tired). Anyway, have fun, and the higher you go the better the downhills are. If you can't handle climbing or have athsma etc. then don't go past the first lake, plenty of stuff and an easy out. There is some good singletrack below the first lake.
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When you are in Oliver, head to the main traffic light and turn uphill. The road will go straight for a while and then go into a bunch of curves. After the curves the road will straighten and you turn in on the next right (if the road starts curving again then you have gone too far). drive for a few kms and when you see Southern Pines Stables on the right, stop. On your left there should be a gate with a cattle guard and a dirt road leading into the hills. Take that road (with your bike).
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Oliver BC

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