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The Three Steps

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The Three Steps are 3 XC/DH trails which get faster as you progress to the next. Each trail is accessible on its own by different means so you need not endure the climb to the 1st step in order to enjoy the 2nd or 3rd steps. The 1st step is a wicked, sometimes difficult, technical DH through old second growth forest. It comes out on the Sechelt Flume F.S. Rd. Turn right and go west, up two very short climbs to a clear cut. You'll see a wide area on the south side of the road. At the west edge of the width you'll see a single track enter an alder growth. Follow this fun, twisting little XC to the beginning of the 2nd step. The 2nd step is a fast descent down an old logging trail. You can really open it up and enjoy outer ring all the way to the bottom. **Note: On the flat at the bottom, AFTER the bridge, WATCH FOR A CABLE stretched across the road. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it isn't flagged. From the bottom of the 2nd step, cross Pell Rd to the fenced field under the power lines immediately south of it. The gate is always open. Follow the path across the field into the forest and you're at the top of the 3rd step. Take the right fork. The 3rd step is very well travelled and is a particular favourite of many residents. It is a fast, winding DH, all middle or outer ring. [About halfway down on the west side, there is a trail which goes back up the to power lines. If you take it you'll have to cross two creeks going around Gillis Falls (bridges are under construction). From the power lines you can go back to the top of the 3rd step.] Passing the turn off, follow the 3rd step all the way to the bottom where it comes out onto Hwy 101 opposite Jack Rd in Sechelt. Turn left and take the Hwy back to the B&K. It's the next left after Roberts Creek Rd.
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Trail Directions
From the Langdale Ferry Terminal go west on Hwy 101 about 15 min to Roberts Creek and turn north onto the B&K Logging Rd. If you see the entrance to Cliff Gilker Park, you've gone too far. Drive up the B&K for about 1km and park under the power lines. Ride further up the B&K, past the trail on the left to the Clack Creek Forest Service Rd going west. Follow the F.S. Rd west over the bridge until it forks to the right (uphill). Start climbing and continue until you get to the dead end (about 6-8km?). You'll pass the bottom of the Mexican Jumping Bean almost immediately. At the dead end of the Clack Creek F.S. Rd a trail goes into the trees. That is the top of the 1st Step.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Sunshine Coast

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