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The legion

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Skinnys, 4-9 foot drops, extreme trails, latters 20 feet from the ground, just make sure you dont go left on the Y or your screwed
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Go to the legion in shawnigan(next to the firehall) and go to the gravel oad in behind, follow the trail unitil there a Y turn to the right and you should end up at a bunch of ladders, make sure you dont follow the trail through the creek because it private property and the rotweillers WILL attack you(ive been chased) Also dont turn left on the Y you will end up on more private property, beside the "big drop" theres a trail beside some chairs and tables follw that to get to the abandoned road, hang a left at the abondoned road and cruise for about 2K wath to you right for a gravel road, go down that across the bridge and keep going until the corner on the road, ang a left by the big red house and you will soon be back on the road!
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