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Scary as hell! Wicked-ass single-track! The initial switch-back rock bluff descent is pure insanity. Once I watched one of the people in front of me crash hard, he grabbed a bush (no trees) as his bike went over the edge. One of those trails where the penalty for mistakes can be very high in sections. Obstacles may seem almost within reach of riders looking for a serious (Shore?) type challenge, but they scared the crap out of me on my 3" travel hard-tail. Built obstacles include a couple of uphill and flat elevated ladders, 2x4 teepees and one ladder system with a 6-foot vertical, 10-inch-wide down ramp at about 75 degrees. Also off camber rock faces, fun outcrops to launch or wheelie-drop if you're good enough (not me) and plenty of XC type tough sections as well, even trials-type possibilities.
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Several ways. It's off Boston main (on the left as you head up, find the busted armchair) and the junction where it splits with Arbutus is hard to see. Find someone going there so as not to get lost.
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never met anyone with a bike computer out here
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November 20, 2000

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Jer Hasbro , from Courtenay, BC, Canada

its got a good roll about 12 feet high, smooth.
good ramps and bridges. hard for pansy XC freeks, not for people with balls/guts.

Recommended Route:
up branch 21 on colake main.
ask other bikers

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)