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Scooter Chuter

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This trail takes about an hour or less to do.The climb is steep and the downhill is short but flowy with a few average sized drops, some ladders,log ride, the trail is an intermediate trail with advanced Stunts witch you can ride around if choose to.This Trail links up with Cory and Steves Trail.
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The trail is on the left of the ski hill in the Sparwood Heights.Go up the Powerline til it turns south towards fernie,it comes out just above the steel tower.You can either push up the trail or go left a couple hundred yards on the powerline til you see a Quad trail on the right. Take the Quad trail,You will cross the gulley 3 times until you are about even with the big rock faces on both sides of the draw, there will be a singletrack trail on the right its a little more of a climb then you will see a sign and its all downhill from there.
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