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Peat Bog

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I gve this trail an "intermediate" rating, cause you can ride around anything more advanced. Trail starts out as a packed, soft soil trail with a few log jumps. Gotta pedal for speed. Then to some built stunts and log rides. Then to sometimes slippery technical rock onto chickenwire bridge onto log ride. Then to 5-8 ft ramped jumps, Then to...Then to... It just keeps on coming. **************************** Peat Bog is named for the, you guessed it, Peat Bog (which you never see, but can understand why it'd be there).This is just the start. Further down the trail, you'll have to head off to Code 04, or to Knuckle Duster or other trails. Peat is essentially the top of the quad chair, or in this case quad-cab shuttle. Head to the Bike Barn, on Westminster Ave, or to Freedom, on Main St and talk to some grease monkies. They should know someone going up that day, and locals are usually more than happy to guide. If you hit it blind with no guide, don't worry. Almost all of the ride is on a West-facing fall line. This faces the center of Penticton, and if you get a little lost, just keep left, and the trails/roads will wash into the dirt road you drove up on or onto Carmi Rd, and you can folow this down to pick up your "rescue" shuttle. P.S. If anyone asks, I din't tell you any of this! ;)
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Trail Directions
Off Main St,follow Carmi Rd past the hospital all the way until you run out of asphalt at the parking lot cattle guard,then keep driving on dirt for about 10 mins,or until the road heads up on a left hand corner,then flattens BEFORE decending.On this flat section there is a little fire road marked by an orange sign on the left depicting a truck(like a truck turning sign).Hang a left into this road.This is where the trucks get in to collect the peat moss in season.Continue winding up this road for about 10 mins.As you keep track of the left side of the road,you will pass an area on the left where there is room to turn around(i.e small parking lot).Go past this. Then you will get to a similar turn around on th left, only bigger and probably more tire tracked from local riders.This is the real parking lot so park and gear up.Follow the little road/trail that heads uphill 5-10 mins,take a LEFT at the fork when it comes and stay on the trail/road.Watch for signs of trail at the fallen log.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
October 2, 2004

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: headspacej ,  Weekend Warrior

I guess I should have figured from the way the trail is described here that it is best for shuttling. I didn't have that luxury this afternoon, so if you're like me and don't have a shuttle, try this:
-- drive up the paved part Carmi/Beaverdell road to the cattleguard as described, then continue on gravel for about 3.5kms. Look for the large, open gravel pullout on the right and park...I think this is where the x-country ski trails start.
-- Get on your bike and continue riding up the gravel road for about 1km
-- Take the road going up to the left...as of Oct.'04, there was a wooden arrow pointing left at the junction
-- Climb this smaller gravel road for approximately 2kms (maybe 20 minutes from your vehicle) and look for the parking area on your left as described by these other reviews
-- turn left at the parking lot onto the left double track
-- there's a fork within 50 metres...stay right
-- after climbing for a little while, take a left at the next fork (follow knobbied tire tracks
-- evetually you see the singletrack and it really is a blast...nothing too steep, and the "stunts" are very mellow. Some of the built stuff is deteriorating a bit, but it's mostly low to the ground and the log kickers are great.
-- There's a sign for Code 4...take it, and then when you see the sign for Knucklebuster, take it as well.
-- Shortly after the turn onto Knucklebuster, the singletrack crosses an old doubletrack...turn left onto it. If you don't turn and continue going down the singletrack, you'll shoot out way below your vehicle and will have to climb up to it (might be worth it if you have time)
-- the old double track meanders back to the south and east...I generally stayed left but didn't climb up past the no-snowmobiles sign (stayed straight)
-- that should shoot you out onto the road and you should see your vehicle

Recommended Route:
See above if you don't have a shuttle. It looks like if you shuttled it, you could hook it up with part of the canyon trail on the other side of the road above the cattleguard and then the dirt jumps below it.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)