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Old Gowland Harbour trail

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Old Gowland Harbour Trail is a tight single track filled with some great technical sections and even a pretty decent downhill. Its a great trail that will test any ones skills. The Trail can be lengthend by continueing on Missing Links(see review)into a epic 6 hour long ride that will test the legs of even the best
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From West road turn down Gowland Harbour road. A few hundred meters in is a horse crossing sign. Turn right on the trail head imediatly after. From there continue on the trail about ten minutes through the four way intersection (crossing man fron snowy river trial). You should the come across a small down hill and two log crossings. Shortly after take the small overgrown trail on the left that follows a creek bed. You will then come across a logging road which you will take a right on and from there it is about five minutes to the head of Old Gowland Harbour trail. The entrance is easy to pass by so keep and eye on the right for the trail.
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Quadra Island

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