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old cranbrook trail

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this is extreme! everything from 10 foot downhill drops to huge log rides. there are lots of trails that branch off so spend the time to explore. there are alternate routes around the jumps and drops but only seasoned novices should atempt to clean the trail. there are a few up hill walks but well worth the effort. a nice medium length steep section take you to a fat double over a small pond and on to 50+ foot log ride out on to foothills blvd.
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Trail Directions
drive up cranrook hill road (approx.2km.). on your righthand side you will see a narrow goat trail. it is somewhat hard to see so keep your eyes open. this is the entrance to the craziest trail in P.G. any trouble finding it just ask at a local shop.
Trail Length
approx. 10 km.
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Prince George

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