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Nice couple of jumps(7 foot gap at the start). Some burms. Huge log ride, ladders. Nice technical sections. Fast singletrack. Nice spot to just chill.
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Turn off North Road (which is the border of Burnaby and Coquitlam)to Gaglardi Way. When you get to the bottom of the hill park your car on the side of the road. You will see a map which shows the entire mountain. There is a fork in the gravel road. Straight behind the map is the base of Nicole's Trail. You can walk your bike up the trail or you can continue up the gravel road. There is another fork in the road. Turn and take the road that parralells the powerline . Hike up until you see another map. Nearby there is a trail that you can take to get up to SFU. Go up that trail until you see a trail that I think is gearjammers. There will be a trail that cuts off from Gearjammers which has a jump at the entrance. That is nicoles trail.
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British Columbia

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