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My Dixie Wrecked

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Fun, well built freeriding trail on Pidherney. Larger wooden structures including gaps, step-ups, and drops are connected by fast, flowing sections. Connects to the bikercross course or The Hairy Dimeslot at the end.
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Trail Directions
Turn onto the left entrance to the Hart Landfill, go right at the first split, then keep going straight until you reach the far side of the gravel pit, where there has been some logging. Hike up the gravel bank and go left, away from the logging, past the torn down stunts. When you come to a trail going down the hill, stick to the trail going to the right. Stay on this trail until you reach a 3-way intersection (left sign says "Other Side of the Mountain"). Turn right and follow the trail until the second climb, then turn left onto "My Dixie Wrecked."
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Several Kilometers
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Prince George
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