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Long Svboda

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Long svboda is beauty old school shit. Just thought it is worth mentioning since this type of trail (no stunts, just natural features) doesn't get any hype these days. The trail it self is all downhill with LOTS of freakin' steep single track, some natural features to jump over or huck off of, multiple line choices and an awesome rock-roll move at the end
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ask a local, or look for it on a trail map that you can get at any bike store in town
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maybe a couple of km's ?? not sure but still long enough to make it worth the climb
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Review Date
March 13, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: the fjh man , from west arm

long svboda is great dh ride for those who want to get back in touch with trail riding without the stunts(not that there is anything wrong with stunts, I wove them to death, but changing up styles is cool too). On the way down look for multiple lines and various obstacles to bunnyhop over or jump off of. All on a very steep ridge line, that has some nasty exposure most of the way. At the end you will pop out the woods on to the hill side by the bottom parking lot. Take an immediate left when you come out and head down to the grad rock. Very, very cool rock roll move that is on very steep hillside (of course). the move starts with a short but harsh rock roll that is sideways to the hills aspect, then take a quick right on top of the rock outcrop and do the big rock roll over the grad tag and roll out on to steep loose run out. Not to hard if you ride lots, but fun as hell man! You should probably avoid this trail after a long dry summer spell unless you like eating dust and skidding/wrecking a sweet trail.

Recommended Route:
ok, pay attention. go to college campus at top of Elewyn street in Fairview. park up by the old tressel bridge. ride up Svboda rd.(road to your left if you look up the hill side by parking lot). Just as you are pedalling off, look up that same hillside. The big rock outcrop that has "Grad 99" spray bombed on it is the last move on the trail. Anywhore, start the grunt up the road, and about thirty minutes or so you will hit a park gate, two? swithbacks later you will see a wide open side-slope trail on the right side of the road. This is svboda traverse, the long svboda is right at the very end. Got all that? Either rip down the traverse(fast and fun, with big high suspension bridge crossing but watch for some parts you got to slow down for after the bridge) or keep going up svboda road and hit another classic, logjam. Another trail that is all natural but perfect warm up ride and makes all that climbing more worth the effort. Log jam will spit you out right where you first saw the svboda traverse from svboda road and then blast the traverse to Long Svboda

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in Nelson?? pick one, they all rock, even the easy ones

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)