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masive log rides drops and steeps. very very good. the equivalent of North Shore. good design. i ride it on my unicycle all the time and i know that you bikers will love it.
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Trail Directions
go up past ledgeview golf coarse and then you will pass a community called "Auguston" on your left. then there you will come to a 'T' in the road, go left. follow that road all the way. you then come to a 4 way stop. keep going straight. (it should be a steep winding road for a bit.) you will evntually pass a B&B which is a white house. pass that street. it will be the next road on your right. i think it is called Bat Road. follow the road til you com to a a sharp right corner that is gravel all of a sudden. From here just keep going up on the gravel road (dont take a side road) and the you will eventually come to a Y in the road with a yellow gate on the left of the Y. park there. get out and follow the Y on the left part. keep going, you will come to a spot where there is a huge stump just up the road go up that way and once at th top where you can see a little valley go left and you will see the trail for sure.
Trail Length
1.5 maybe but worth every penny
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January 23, 2002

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Brody Saari , from abbotsford BC Canada

an absoulute killer trail. for the skilled rider. Insane bridges and four massivelog rides. all the log rides are more than 150 ft. one is a total of about 500. there are some kick a$$ drops sky ramps and other trickery. Huge a frame too. one part is a steep to a log bridge that goes over a creek and then goes up pretty steep but not to bad. this trail is sweet i ride my unicycle up there all the time and its is crazy fun. you mt. bnikers should definetly try his trail its is agian, Awesome!

Recommended Route:
down is the only way to go unless you can bunnyhop 5 feet and up.

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Knobb Gobbler, side show, Noahs fear(it is kind of hidden but if you look it should be easy to spot.) Emma Peel and Death Valley.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)