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Steep, technical, but not too long DH trail...includes some ramps, around 5-10 ft. or more drops, really steep sections, a few jumps...disc brakes are handy for this one.
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Trail Directions
Find Foothills Boulevard-once you've found that, find the Cranbrook Hill road-easy enough, cuz it's the only one going up the hill(don't go up university way, cuz that's wrong!). Go up a ways, past a few switchbacks. the road levels out and goes straight, then takes a right bend....then there's a fork-go right, and you'll see a trail going in(big open space kinda)at the next sharp left bend. There's a few trails here-one goes off to the left, then there's another one just to the right, and another on the far right. Take the middle...the trails all interweave from here on down, but they're all fun.
Trail Length
roughly 1 km or so...
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Prince George
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October 26, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: Jordan Reinitz , from Prince George BC Canada

The trail is rad. Some say it is one of the coolest ones in prince george. It has some steep stuff and technical shit but ya it is rad

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Shut up

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)