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Kopetski''s Pit

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The pit is not a trail, it''s the kind of place you take your bike and a couple of friends to mess around on drops and build hits. There is near endless potential to the things that you can create at the pit. Kopetski''s pit is an excavated site consisting of sand/silt/clay and features drops of 3-15 feet. The transition from the drops varies from a length of 20-80 feet. Endless possibilities for wallrides to tranny, bowl drops, straight drops, kicker drops,transfers, etc... Blast from the road on two natural hits to the transition below. Drop down the existing line to the transfer hit at the bottom. The place is a blast. Wear your protective gear here. Watermelon sized rocks can sometimes be found buried in the transition.
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Take Highway 97 North and turn right at the Goldpan heading towards Barkerville. Go up the highway for about a minute. Turn right at the first road, take your first right past the powerlines, drive down this dirt road and decide whether you want to park at the top of the pit or the bottom. Enjoy.
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