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HoLy F*Ck

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this is some sweet, long, never ending down hill. all you need is a truck and a couple of burly bikes. it starts at this place called the coral caves.(ask a local)and keeps going for miles and miles. sweet hardcore downhill that goes on forever. big ditchs , rocks , jumps, holes and whatever else you want to hit. And if you are wondering how we built this, we didnt..... they are old deactivated logging roads and there is miles of them in this place and if you ask me it is the best downhill in the north island. COME HERE COME HERE COME HERE COME HERE COME HERE COME HERE
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to get to tahsis you have to get to vancouver island. once you are there head north island way to campbell river from nanaimo. once you are in campbell. take the highway to gold river. and when you get to gold river keep going along the highway, there will be a sign that says tahsis, when you hit the dirt road keep goin till you get to tahsis. when you get there, there are two different trails. go towards the end of town, and keep going down this old gravel road to a place called west bay. when you get to west bay turn right and go up the hill to the next hill and then turn right onto that hill and keep going straight as far as you want to go. the other trail you take the same road from west bay but when you get to that second turn just keep going straight to a place called west tahsis. when you get there drive past and then go up the big hill untill it ends then get ready to ride. there are many many more trails. including urban trials cross country,and every thing in between.
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Tahsis, Northern vancouver island
British columbia. north vancouver island
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V0P 1X0
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