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Needs some work. Has a HELL HILL, SUPER STEEP going down to place beside a road. Somone shood try it, I am to chicken shit. :( (but you would understand why unless you were pro :p, i hope to ride it someday thow! it would be like a freefall).
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Trail Directions
Go to misson sports park. If you are facing the park were the signs are, go left up the road than right were there is a yellow gate, go to the corner of that road and get in your bike. Infront of you over a pile of dirt is a place for possibilityes of a kick ass freestyle place. Infront of the pile of dirt to you right is a big tree, just behind it is the start of the trail. You have to push your bike up it(or ride) so fare because haven't found the "real" start of the trail (top) becuse i haven;t gone that fare, up higher it gets prity hairy, mud a old shed, black berry bushes ext. So about half way up there is the "hell-hill" to the right of the trail that is 1nsane. Trail is prity easy if you avoid the hell-hill. there is a nice spot thow were it goes down two short hills than you have to run over like 4 logs, in the middle of the two short hills down there is a log you ahve to ride (technical) I just moved to Mission a little wile ago and just discoverd this trail. Me and my frends plan to make: Seperat Speed trail with huge berms that use tree's to pile the dirt against,about 10 foot drops. maybe a "safe" trail down hell-hill. a buncha log rides. Ramp to ramps, tabletops,Rock rides tetortogters, you know the usual good stuff :) see yah there.
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?? a couple miles
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