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Really awsome trail, uphill, under the power lines then to the downhill race starting gates. On the way up, it is mostly gravle road and dried up creekbeds. After you reach the top, you turn around and go down the downhill. A very fun and challenging downhill ride!There are quite a few side trails here which have jumps, dropoffs and other fun stuff. A great ride!
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Trail Directions
Head up the road to englishman river provincal park and about 400m b4 it, there is a red gate(on the right side of the road). Go up the road after the gate and stick to the right. You will then be on hammerfest.
Trail Length
I dont know. 1 loop in a hr. for beginner 2-3 for advanced and 3-6 if really good
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Trails for all skill levels
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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