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Guys Gulch

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Guy's Gulch is a gem. It is an easy to moderate climb through the moss under an old canopy of trees. Once in the trees, just follow the trail north and east. The trail comes out onto a spur's dead end. Follow the spur east until it's "T" intersection with the B&K. Turn right (downhill) to return to Highway 102 (an excellent trail), Black Tower or the power lines where you parked. Turn left (uphill) to go to the Mexican Jumping Bean or Dakota Creek. Or just turn around and rocket back down to the start.
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Trail Directions
From Langdale Ferry Terminal take Hwy 101 west for 15 min. to Roberts Creek. Turn north onto the B&K Logging Rd (if you see the entrance to Cliff Gilker Park you've gone too far). I recommend you drive 1km north on the B&K and park under the power lines. Ride up the B&K Logging Rd (about 2.5km), you will pass one of the Brodie trails on the left and then the Forest Service Road next on the left (it goes to the Brodie "B", the bottom of the Mexican Jumping Bean and to the start of the first of the Three Steps). Continue up the B&K taking the next spur to the left and go north-west into the trees, wind throught the trees and take the right fork into the old clear cut. Follow the logging rd uphill through the next section of forest to a fork in the middle of the second clear cut. The right fork turns east and continues up to a dead end. The left fork has been "deactivated" with a water bar. Guy's Gulch continues on north from the water bar into the trees ahead.
Trail Length
1.5 km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Sunshine Coast

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