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Nothing challenging here just another easy ride close to my place. I mention it because its offroad and away from the traffic...I hate cars :p. It's a shame that no bikes are allowed in ForeShore Park itself (near the parking lot just off of Bryne Rd. ..although, it only has 1 sign saying so, hehe.)
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Trail Directions
In South Burnaby I start at Marine Dr. and Patterson Ave. from there I follow the trail that leads to an over-pass. keep going straight after you cross over Marine Way until you get to the next street then make a left and follow the road *gasp* to the end. There is a open construction site you go through and you end up on Byrne Rd. Follow the trail along the river and make your way to the Women Prison (I can just hear the snickering when I say that, :>) just to the right of the prison entrance is yet another trail head the lead into the main trails.
Trail Length
6-8km (road/trail)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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