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Champlain Loop

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Mainly a beginner to intermediate trail. About half the trails are 2 bikes wide and range from hard pack gravel, bark mulch to good old dirt. There are a lot of narrow trails that lead off the main paths. Be warned; there are lots of thorn bushes in those narrower trails, forearms and calves take a beating ;-) Not a bad trail it's the 2nd best one within a 5min ride to me I have found (the best being Burn Ravine mentioned on this site as well), about a 5min ride to get to either trail. If you want a technical ride there is not to much point going here as the trails are quite clear.
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The trial entrance I use is near the corner of Marine Drive and Mathison Ave. From that corner go up to the first bend in the road and the trailhead is on the left (when facing North).
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estimate 4 to 6km total
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