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Bastion Mountain Loop

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Stay on the main road just past the 8k sign to a landing overlooking Shuswap Lake (the first view of the lake after leaving the cliff area. Great views, and a good place for a break. From the landing go right onto k 0 of forestry access Rd #300. Stay n FAC 300 going right at any intersections, over the summit at k 11 and downhill to k 14 sign. Look for flagging tape on a pole on the right side. This marks a quad/bike trail that is the start of 16 k of abandoned road, back to the start. Sharp right t the first intersection. Sharp right at the second intersection. (if you start to climb you have passed the turn.). If the gate is closed, please replace after going through as there are cattle ranging here. You are entering Stern Valley . There are a ouple of meadows and an abandoned Finnish Homestead along the road. At the first meadow, Reineker Creek is on the left and a good place for a break. Regain the trail by going to the right of a small clump of trees in the middle of the meadow. You will s the a slight rise in the meadow indicating the old road. Follow the road - there are no branching trails for most of this section. After the old homestead ruins stay left at the first two branches to the right. The turn to look for is remarkable becaus of a small island of trees in the intersection. Go right, there are some short climbs and a couple of shallow stream crossings, then into a selectively logged area. Stay on the road to intersect with the Bastion Mt. Road and our starting place.
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Trail Directions
About 15 km west of Salmon Arm on the Trans Canada Highway, turn on to Sunnybrae - Canoe Point Road. At 7 km you will be at the trail head - a logging road climbing steeply across the face of Bastion Cliffs. If you are very fit park here. Otherwise drivup 2k and park adjacent to a rough road angling off to the right
Trail Length
30 Kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Salmon Arm

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