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Get ready for a bitchin uphill climb that'll take at least a few minutes and gets steeper as you go up. After that, you can rest at the top to look at all of Fish Creek and there's a gnarly descent off to the side that's about 60-80 feet long straight down into a creek and sits at an angle between 60-70 degrees. If you don't wanna do this one, keep goin past it and the trail head branches off 2 ways. Take either one and you'll find a few hundred ways to get around inside. A few rolling sections but mostly roots, on the first 5 minutes of the trail, then ups and downs on tight technical singletrack. It could either take you to the top where the tsu tsina reserve is or you could end up near the one lane bridge. Up top, there are a few sweet descents back into Fish Creek with banked turns and rocks and lots of drops w/ roots. You could ride along 146th ave goin towards the Glenmore Christian Academy near the horse ranches and there are quite a few descents like it too. If you end up at the bridge, you could cross the river and continue on the other side or you could go back where you came from and go up to the indian reserve.
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Trail Directions
It's in the West end of Fish Creek off the horse ranches in Woodbine inside the trees.
Trail Length
40 approx.
Trail Level
Trail Type
Calgary/Fish Creek

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