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Just Giver''

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North shore style stunts for 1.0km or so. Lots of stunts and worth a look if passing through. There are a couple 6'' drops and numerous smaller ones. There is an 8'' to flat drop, triple teeter totter, 10'' teeter, & skinnies. Not shuttleable so you have to ride up. The bonus is that it''s not steep and the trail takes advantage of the limited elevation gain there is. If you push to the top it should take 20 minutes. All stuts have easy way around and there are stunts for all skill levels on the course from beginner to advanced. For a Helmet cam video of the trail cut and paste the link into you browser: http://www.bigmountainrider.com/images/Video/Helmet%20Cam.WMV
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Trail Directions
To get to the Just Giver' from Hwy 16 heading west thru Hinton: he trail is about a 1.5 km and has stunts almost all the way down. -Turn right at the Husky onto Mountain street in Hinton -Go through the four way stop to the top of the hill. -Turn Right onto Collinge Road. -On the left about 200m down Collinge there is an apartment building called Maxwell Lake Apartments. -Park there at the bottom parking lot on the west side. -Ride your bikes behind the building and over the small foot bridge to a T intersection on a gravel path. Turn Right. Go over another foot bridge and take you first Left up a quad track. Follow the quad track up the hill past the power line. At the top of the hill after the power line the trail forks. Take the Right fork that looks like it has less traffic. That is the bottom of Just Giver'. About 400m in you should start so see some old worn out stunts. Keep going to the top. Enjoy. The trail is about a 1.5 km and is build almost all the way.
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2 Kilometers
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Trails for all skill levels
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T7V 1K7
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