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This is probably the most difficult trail in Whitecourt (at least that I've seen) The trail started off just as a steep singletrack trail on the top of a ridge. It was originally pretty short, about a 3 minute ride, but it's being extended now past the creek. When you're on the trail, there are a bunch of forks in the trail, make sure you always turn right if you want to stay on the trail. People are building stunts on the trail now too. There is a big 6-7 foot drop onto a sketchy tranny, a couple of teeter totters, some smaller drops and a couple of skinny things to ride. Hopefully there will be some more stuff built as soon as people like me get around to it. A bunch of local retards however keep riping out the ladders when people build them, which is part of the reason the building is going slow. Anyway for now enjoy the trail, and if anyone in Whitecourt wants to go ride email me and I'd love to go school you in riding the trails here! J/k
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Go to Park Drive and head to the very end of the street. At the end of the street there is a turn around type thing with a round rock filled circle in the middle. The trail starts right off the road here, there is a path with red shale on it. This is the beginning of the trail.
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Maybe 1/2 mile? Currently being made longer
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