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Benton Express

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Hey, just wanna give a heads up that there is a new trail being built up in the Center Block of Cypress Hills. It is on the West Benton Hill and is easily acessable by vehicle. The trail is going to be about 1km long and have 200 feet of wooden stunts, some teeter totters, steel ramps and possibly a pond gap. This trail will be fun, fast,easy to shuttle and will be filled with air time. There are no pictures at this time but it will definently be giving the locals something to talk about. for more information add me to your MSN messanger alinehucker@hotmail.com
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Trail Directions
This trail can be acessed be going to Benton hills (Near Fort Walsh) Follow the west Benton road across a creek to the top of the trees or the Bench. Follow a clearing to the trailhead where a sign marking the Benton Express begins
Trail Length
1 Kilometers
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Medicine Hat
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T0J 3L0
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