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Tropical trials

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Taiwan is not the greatest place on earth for off roading, although the mountain roads are as bad as some Diesel World Cup DH courses! But this area is a little gem. The locals use this area for their morning excersises but later it's practically deserted. The trials are pretty well maintained and it's all hardpack unless after a typhoon. It's nothing compared to my native UK and Europe but if you live in Taiwan it's worth checking out for a days exploring.There are the bigger easy trials but also if you look hard enough you can find some slightly more challenging bits. There are no massive long descents or climbs but it's generally short and sharp.
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Trail Directions
Head out of Chia-Yi on Da Ya Road until you reach a sign post directing you to Lan Tan which is a big lake on the edge of the city. The trials are all around this lake.
Trail Length
Pretty short
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Trail Type
Chia-Yi City, Taiwan

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