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The Hot Lap, Presso''s

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Starts as fire trail before becoming walking trail then back to fire trail again. Some good climbs but nothing too major. Trail can be ridden both clockwise and anti-clockwise. A good training trail or one to do if you are pushed for time or remaining daylight. Rarely do you see anyone on any section, but be careful of junkies rubbish, i.e. syringes. You should see where they generally hang out and their numbers are thinning.
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Trail Directions
Called the Hot Lap or Pressos because you ride around Presidents Hill. On Western Side of Gosford Railway Station head up the hill over the road towards Henry Kendall High School. About 300 metres up the road, just before HKHS you will see the start. Small rocky climb. Ride clockwise first then reverse.
Trail Length
Not real long, but fast fun2-3 Kilometers
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Trails for all skill levels
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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