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TDC Soccer Stadium

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Steep climbs with rewarding rolling/steep singletrack at top. This is the first trail I found here. It''s pretty fun and has lots of different routes to follow. The hikers always cheer me on! There''s lots of natural springs to drink from (I can''t attest to the purity of these). This ride is definitely a climb, the radio tower is a nice view though.
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Trail Directions
Directions are a little sketchy since I don't speak Hongul very well. Go out the Casey main gate (gate#1) and turn LEFT. Go down MSR 3 for about 3-4 lights then turn LEFT again. Go until you get to the Big Stadium. The trail starts on the right side of the stadium up a steep paved windy road then turns to singletrack. Just climb and try to get as high as you can. It's an out and back trail if you want. You can also climb to the left and circle back towards the ARMY land nav site. You can make a fun loop with the ridgelines of the land nav site and then climb back up the fireroad. You would be best off to procure a TDC 1:25,000 TongDuCheon map from your unit. Email me to ride!!! I'll be here 'till August 06' mtnnate@hotmail.com
Trail Length
6 Miles
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Dongducheon/ Camp Casey
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S. Korea
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