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TDC Ridgeline

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I''m pretty stoked to have found this trail in the Casey area. Starts out as a fireroad, (don''t let this short climb discourage you) then turn right for suprisingly, refreshingly smooth and rolling fast singletrack. There''s nothing too steep and its all zippy, flowing singletrack at the top. Your first ride will be purely exploratory to get the gist of the main trail. It follows the ridgeline of the mountains directly East of Camp Casey''s main gate. Once you''ve spent a ride finding the proper paths to stay on its all flow. I can''t say how happy I was to find this. Korea is all either straight up or straight down. There aren''t any stairs either!!! This trail really flows, you can pump rollers, do kickers off exposed roots, lots of tight turns that you can really lean into. There''s just enough hill climbing to keep your heart going too. So far I haven''t seen another biker. I did see a tire print the first day I came up but the tire print died halfway up. E-mail me to ride!!! I''ll be here ''till August, 06'' Mtntnate@hotmail.com
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Trail Directions
Very easy. Go out Camp Casey main gate (Gate#1) and cross the bridge. Right turn just after the bridge- Next Left up a concrete road (you'll hear the dogs at the KeGogi farm)- and you're there! Follow the short (steep) fireroad straight up until you're at the top. You'll instantly notice single track going both directions, STAY RIGHT. Follow the RIDGELINES and you can't go wrong. Turn around and come back the same way you came out. FunFUnFUN!!! For a fast crazy downhill at the end don't turn back down the fireroad but follow the singletrack past the turn off and jut stay on it. It will take you back to the road. I reccomend dual suspension for this descent though.
Trail Length
10 Miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Dongducheon/ Casey
Zip/Postal Code
S. Korea
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