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Tai Mo Shan

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TMS is single-track, mostly rough cross country with some optional downhill. Various route options are available from 8 km 1 hr downhill ride to 4hr epic rides (35km)ending up at the Gold Coast. TMS is is Tai Lam Country Park, the route is forested and hence shaded. The single track is well worn and fast, watch out for sliding roots and wet rocks. Many loops and riding options available, - a really great ride. Views over reservoirs and forests. Very few hiker use the trails. Suggest you obtain a country park map which shows the trails.
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Trail Directions
Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak in Hong Kong. look for the road 'Route twisk'or take a taxi. Trail starts at 500m elevation and directly of the mentioned road. It is signposted fairly clearly, many other bikers around at the weekends.
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Hong Kong
Hong kong

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December 7, 2004

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 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: hoiminglee ,  Weekend Warrior

As mentioned in the description there are a few optional routes depending on your mood of the day. Typically we'll start the day at 9:30am and finish the ride at 12:30pm the Gold Coast with a nice lunch and drinks.

Typically the best time to ride starts from November ending in about late April. However some die hard mtn bikers can be seen riding during the summer, but often the rides are cut in half due to heat exhaustion, also the rainy season makes the TMS trails rather slick which some people don't mind.

Trails: Up until now (Dec 2004) many of the trail extensions and loops were illegal, however many of the trails are now open, guess the combined efforts of local lobby groups finally paid off.. To fully appreciate TMS trails I'd recommend a good sturdy all mountain rig with at least 4" front and back, preferably 5" for some trails.

If your ever interested in a guided tour send me an email.... we promise not to dissapoint!



Recommended Route:
Many routes, but best to start at the top of TMS. there's a parking lot where you can gather your emotions/thoughts prior to letting it rip.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)