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Stinky Crack

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Pine forested DH singletrack, very steep, very rocky, technical. Advanced riders only. Trail got its name because of an unfortunate flightless Kiwi rider who cracked his Kona Stinky on this trail. Some trials-ish sections that require finesse or lotsa travel. It's short, but a gratifying warm-up for the larger descents on Acha Mtn, Seoul's classic freeriding spot.
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Trail Directions
Find Acha Mtn in eastern Seoul. There is a pass between Yongma Falls park on the Seoul side and Krui city on the other side. This pass also separates the traditional graveyard Manguri with Yongma Mtn and Acha Mtn. Stinky Crack is the singletrack descent down to Kuri from this pass.
Trail Length
3 km descent
Trail Level
Trail Type
Seoul and Kuri, Korea
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