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Spider trail

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Meet at Macdonalds and eat it if you must. Then off alkong the road to the trail which starts on concrete for the first 15 mins only. Off the concrete and its furiously downhill then a grinding uphill over the many spurs that characterise this trail. Up and down through the banana plantantion over the 8" weir for a 20' 'plank' ride then more climbing and down to the beach for a smell of sea air. Climb up again and its through villages along the old coastline to the trailhead at the dam. Yet more climbing and some people wonder if they should have brought along the 22lb hardtail. But no there secitons of sweeping single track over granite boulders at speed, some jumps and a rout down paved stairs. Spiders like this trail in summer they crisscross every location, 6' webs, with 10" spiders make for hairy times. But plough on you must for you are running low on water. In summer the temperature can reach 35C and there is a definate lack of shade. Push on and you are rewarded by great sea views and a bone jarring thriller descent to the end of the trail, where you should take a well earned rest. Its about 2hrs to here, but there is another 1hr ride back to the ferry pier, where beer and bacon is served up in the English Pub. You deserve it.
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Trail Directions
A ferry ride from HK island to Silvermine Bay
Trail Length
20 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Chi Ma Wan
hong kong

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