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Phoenix Park Ski Resort DH

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As I write, there is only one 4.5km DH singletack descent, with one XC fork for another 2km or so. It's about a 700m elevation loss, not sure. The trails are easy for any rider with experience, but are still fun at speed for advanced riders. The bike program is evolving, so what you're charged for the gondola can change, with all the employees having different info. Crappy rentals are available for 10,000 won/day, but not recommended. For the past two years, an all day gondola pass has been 10,000 won (~US$8). There are rumors of making new trails. This is the only lift in Korea open to bikes. Hardly anyone goes there, though--maybe because there's only one descent.
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Just off the expressway between Wonju and Gangneung, in Gangwon Province. From Seoul, there are direct buses (stow the bike underneath); the schedule changes, so call the resort's Seoul office at (02)564-1311 to find the current info.
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Korea, Wonju
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September 25, 2001

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Steve Danyo , from Seoul

Making a new ski slope.

Recommended Route:
Closed. Trails destroyed. Making a new ski slope.

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Yong Pyong Ski resort is getting its DH MTB program going.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)