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Mt Batur DH

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How about a fast singletrack descent down a volcano from 1800m to the ocean? Follow the directions to the trailhead, look out to the ocean north of you, and point DH for an hour or so. You can hire a driver on Bali for anywhere from US$10-30 and shuttle your a$$ off all day. The trail's good for beginners and advanced riders alike and require no pedaling whatsoever if you don't want to. After you start descending, there are some turnoffs, but all tracks lead to the ocean. The best I found in 3 descents is the main path. Your shuttle can meet you along the ocean road (there's only one). No tour companies do this ride on Bali, so you're on your own. I'm not an expert on Bali, but I just found this gem and hope to return. Amazing.
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Trail Directions
Go to Volcano Batur's crater rim on the northern side, behind a temple at the far side of the crater lake. The DH trail starts at the top of the rim at just under 1800m, a 20 minute walk or 15 minute ride from the temple.
Trail Length
10 or 20 km
Trail Level
Trail Type
northern Bali, Indonesia

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