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Montalban - 5 River Crossings

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This is a very scenic route. As you head towards the gorge you will traverse by the mountain side with large marble boulders. A bridge and a dam are among the sights along the way. You will soon find yourself along trails skirting the riverside. Keep on going till the trail meets the river. River crossings are shallow, just hitting your bottom bracket so you can ride across the river. That is if the rocky bottom lets you. Sand, gravel, babies heads, and dirt make the trail.
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Trail Directions
On the road heading for Batasan, turn right on the road the leads to Marikina and San Mateo. When you reach the end, take a left and head towards San Mateo town. Just keep following the road, passing though Montalban, until you reach the very end. You are now at the town by the foot of Wawa gorge. Gear up and ride towards the gorge.
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10 km
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