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Long Loop - Marpi

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This trail when added to the Autobahn, Santa Claus, Bonzai/Cowtown and Kimi-kazi trails gives the beginning of a lengthy loop that uses the Kalabera Road, the Matuis/Radar Road and Matansa Drive behind the Marianas Country Club golf course to connect back to the short loop making for a fun and challenging ride. Along the way you can stop at Kalabera, the biggest cave system in the Marianas, an abandoned ‘radar’ site used by NASA to tack the Gemini and Apollo flights (and the CIA to do goodness knows what), a rock quarry, a golf course, lots of jungle and back to the loop. Big hills to climb and/or descend add to the fun. If you don’t get a workout on this loop try repeating it twice that is what we do for the Ride Round the Ridge bike race each November. I show this starting and ending at the radar tower (like we do for the RRR race) but hey, this is a loop so start and end wherever you like. See the above named trails to get additional info on each section of the loop. They can all be ridden separately if you want a short hop or just like to mosey along taking pictures.
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