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Doobie or Die

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When you ride this trail, it's do or die. The first half of the trail sits smack on the ridgeline and there are drops on both sides that go down as much as 150 feet so keep your eyes up! Scary for beginners but great for testing the technical skills (can you say switchbacks with 100-foot drops on both sides?) of advanced riders.
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Trail Directions
South Superhighway to Santa Rosa exit, then turn right to go to Tagaytay. Turn right upon reaching Tagaytay then follow the road until you reach the Nasugbu welcome arch (near a Petron gas station). Before the arch, turn left to go on the road that goes down to Batulao. Trailhead is behind a house around 5 km down the road, near the eroded section.
Trail Length
15-20 km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Canyon Woods, Tagaytay Philippines

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